Gym Diary is a simple & beautiful app for keeping track of all your workout & fitness related activities. Keep log of all your workouts whether at home or gym with ease.

Beautiful User Interface

No more clunky, difficult navigation. Easy to use app with beautiful UI and with Dark Mode.

Custom Exercises

Create your own unlimited exercises for free. No more overwhelming unnecessary exercises which you don't know about. Create exercises as you progress

Workout Plan

Plan your workout ahead, create a draft for your workout & simply track it with single tap.

Progress Graph

Just the graph you need. No unnecessary complicated graph to show your progress that you don't understand.

Custom App Icons

Want to stand out from the crowd? You can choose from multiple app icons.

Data Backup

Your workout data gets backed up to your icloud account automatically so that you won't lose it ever.

Calories Tracking

Track your daily calorie input

Body Measurements

Measure size of various body parts related to your workouts & keep track of the progress.